Garment Care Disclaimer

For any screen-printed and heat pressed garments, we highly recommended that you do the following:

  1. Avoid using fabric softener, bleach, or any other harsh detergent. These chemicals break down the ink on screen printed garments and can cause it to fade or crack. They can also eat away at the adhesive on heat-pressed vinyl, causing it to peel off.

  2. Turn your garments inside out when washing to maximize their lifetime.

  3. High heat is not good for screen-printed, or heat pressed designs. Avoid taking garments to the dry cleaner or any laundromat where you cannot control the heat of the dryer. Avoid ironing any screen-printed garments as well.

  4. Leisure Hut stands by the quality of our products and will do what we can to correct any mistake made on our end, but we cannot be held responsible if there is damage to our products from any of the factors listed above.